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The Nicolas Cage Experiment
Nicolas Cage is rubbish, right? All his films are poor clichés where he just phones in a performance, yes? He's not even that good looking and is typecast in nearly all of the roles he plays. So why is it then, whenever my partner and I watch a film starring and in particular headlined by Nicolas, we always come away thinking "I quite enjoyed that. It wasn't too bad actually"?

So, in a crazy and possibly foolish effort to prove that Nicolas Cage does actually make (quite) good films, we've embarked on a crusade to watch all those he's credited as starring in (excluding TV movies) and write some reviews. You'll find both my opinion and that of my girlie partner Elize, so between us we hope to give a fairly balanced view of each film. Maybe.

Are we a bit mad? Yes, probably.
Face/Off (1997)
Review coming soon.

Mark's verdict: -/10

Elize's verdict: -/10

Overall: -/10

Con Air (1997)
Review coming soon.

Mark's verdict: -/10

Elize's verdict: -/10

Overall: -/10

The Rock (1996)
Review coming soon.

Mark's verdict: -/10

Elize's verdict: -/10

Overall: -/10

Leaving Las Vegas (1995)
Review coming soon.

Mark's verdict: -/10

Elize's verdict: Not sure what I expected from this film but it certainly wasn't what I got. The film was very slow and didn't really keep my attention. Again though Nicolas played the part well and was a convincing over animated drunk. 4/10

Overall: -/10

Kiss of Death (1995)
Review coming soon.

Mark's verdict: -/10

Elize's verdict: Back to the over the top Nicolas which, let's face it, he does play well. The film was very slow and I'm not sure it had a plot at all. I will not be watching it again. 4/10

Overall: -/10

Trapped in Paradise (1994)
Review coming soon.

Mark's verdict: -/10

Elize's verdict: -/10

Overall: -/10

It Could Happen to You (1994)
Policeman Charlie Lang (Nicolas Cage) is a kind and generous man who loves his job. His wife Muriel (Rosie Pérez) works in a hairdressing salon and, unlike Charlie, is selfish, greedy and materialistic, constantly complaining about their situation in life.

Meanwhile waitress Yvonne Biasi (Bridget Fonda), is bankrupt because her husband Eddie (Stanley Tucci), who she could not yet afford to divorce, emptied their joint checking account and spent all the money without her permission, while also leaving her with a credit card debt of over $12,000.

Charlie meets Yvonne when she waits on him at the diner where she works. Since Charlie doesn't have enough money to pay the tip, he promises to give her either double the tip or half of his prospective lottery winnings the next day. He wins $4 million in the lottery the next day and keeps his promise, despite the protests of his wife. He and Yvonne become stars almost immediately. Yvonne buys the diner she was working in. She sets up a table with Charlie's name at which people who cannot afford food can eat for free. In another development, Charlie becomes a hero for foiling an attempted robbery at a grocery store but gets wounded in the process, forcing him to take leave from the police force.

The rest of the film is a by-the-numbers romantic affair, where the good guys win out in the end. It's all heartwarming stuff and pretty well acted throughout.

Mark's verdict: I haven't seen this before but it still seemed familiar. A nice enough film but very predictable to be honest. 6/10

Elize's verdict: Now we are starting to get into films I have seen before. Nicolas's first film playing a straight part, with no over the top theatrics - and I really enjoyed it. The film itself was a little slow and predictable, but there are only so many ways you can tell a love story. 7/10

Overall: 6.5/10

Guarding Tess (1994)
Excellent film, loved it.

Nicolas plays Doug Chesnic, a Secret Service agent who takes great pride in his job. However, his assignment for the last three years has been a severe test of his patience being in charge of a team stationed to protect Tess Carlisle (Shirley MacLaine), the widow of a former U.S. President.

Tess regards Doug less as a security officer and more of a domestic servant, and he feels it is beneath his professional dignity to perform little chores around the house. Unfortunately, any time Doug defies her, Tess contacts a close friend, the current President, to express her displeasure. The annoyed President then phones Doug.

After getting reassigned to Tess when his three years stint is over, their bickering continues and makes for a fun, touching and easy to watch film. The performances from both actors is brilliant.

Mark's verdict: Really nice film and definitelty worth watching if you've not seen it before. 8/10

Elize's verdict: This has to be up in the top three of Nicolas Cage films seen so far. The acting flowed and we got to see more of what Nicolas can do as an actor. It was very heart warming. 8/10

Overall: 8/10

Red Rock West (1994)
Michael Williams (Nicolas Cage) is a drifter living out of his car after being discharged from the Marine Corps. A job on an oilfield falls through due to his unwillingness to conceal a war injury on his job application, so Michael wanders into rural Red Rock, Wyoming, looking for other work.

Wayne, a local bar owner (J. T. Walsh) mistakes him for a hit man, who he has hired to kill his wife. Wayne offers Michael money which he duly takes without correcting him about the name mix-up.

Michael then visits Wayne's wife, Suzanne (Lara Flynn Boyle), and attempts to warn her that her life is in danger instead of killing her. She makes a tempting counteroffer to him. Michael, knowing that the longer he stays in town the more dangerous it is, tries to leave but with no success.

The twists and turns in his attempts to leave Red Rock find him dodging bullets when the real hitman (Dennis Hopper) finally does show up. Things then get complicated when Michael becomes romantically involved with Suzanne. The next morning, when Lyle comes to get money from Wayne, he kidnaps both Suzanne and Michael, gets Wayne out of jail, and finally ends up at the wrong end of a fight in a graveyard.

Mark's verdict: Not bad. A bit slow in places but watchable. 5/10

Elize's verdict: Good film about someone down on their luck taking whichever way out they can. Nicolas didn't really have to stretch himself for the part, but played it well. 6/10

Overall: 5.5/10

Deadfall (1993)
It's a Copolla family reunion. The director is Christopher Coppola, it's starring Nicolas Cage and Talia Shire has a part in the movie as well. However the film could probably do with a bit of extra help with the likes of Francis Ford or Sofia. Maybe they would have made this at least a little bit watchable?

Despite the suggestion portrayed by modern video and DVD sleeves it's Michael Biehn who plays our main character Joe. Seriously though, this guy has all the charisma of your average coma patient.

We have shoot outs. Lots of them. Joe accidentally kills his business partner and father (James Coburn) in the first of them. So then he finds out he has to go see his uncle Lou, who's played by Mr Coburn too (no doubt to save costs). Then he meets Nicolas Cage. He mumbles a lot, wears a stupid wig and mustache and seems to never take his sunglasses off…so yeah, almost the same character as in The Vampire's Kiss. He even has a stupid accent again. But to be fair, his character is at least doing something, which is more than can be said for anyone else in this horrendous nonsense. They go to some bar and do stupid stuff and somehow Cage has a really hot girlfriend.

Somewhere in the mix Charlie Sheen pops up in a role foreshadowing his later real-life exploits. It's all a bit rubish and I wouldn't watch it again if I was paid.

Mark's verdict: Nic's just about okay but the film is bad. Really bad. 3/10

Elize's verdict: First off: the film -WHAT WAS THAT ALL ABOUT? Nicolas was in his comfort zone playing someone completely off their rocker, he plays these parts scarily well. 3/10

Overall: 3/10

Amos & Andrew (1993)
Another good film and one we had absolutely no prior knowledge of.

Andrew Sterling (Samuel L. Jackson), a successful black writer, buys a vacation home on but two of his new neighbors mistake him for a burglar as he sets up his new stereo. The neighbors have no idea that the former residents of that home had moved and call the police.

Police surround the home and, following confusion with a car alarm and a mistaken gun, the police start firing at him. Rreporters arrive and interview Chief Tolliver (Dabney Coleman), who speaks to Andrew over the phone and realizes his mistake. To avoid the bad publicity, the Chief offers a thief in his jail, Amos Odell (Nicolas Cage), a deal.

From here on the film turns into a bit of a comcial road trip with both Jackson and Cage putting in believeable and humurous performances.

Mark's verdict: Nice film. Would recommend a watch if you ever get a chance. 6/10

Elize's verdict: Very predictable plot line, but still a good film to watch. Although very animated, Nicolas appeared to be a little calmer in this film then in previous ones. Very glad I got to see this. 6/10

Overall: 6/10

Honeymoon in Vegas (1992)
This was quite a good film as it goes. Even horseface 'Betsy' (Sarah Jessica Parker) puts in a reasonable performance.

For those that haven't seen the film, it's not too dissimilar to Indecent Proposal but without all the artyness. It's all a bit ludicrous really: Jack Singer (Nicolas Cage) has sworn to his mother on her deathbed that he would never get married. Years later, he goes back on his promise and proposes to his girlfriend, Betsy and quickly arranges a Las Vegas marriage.

Before the wedding though a professional gambler, Tommy Korman (James Caan), sepots Betsy and notices a resemblance to his late wife. He arranges a crooked poker game where Jack borrows some money off Tommy after being dealt a straight flush, only to lose to the gambler's higher straight flush. Tommy, however, promises to erase the debt - if he can spend the weekend with Singer's fiancée.

The rest of the film pretty much writes itself and Nicolas overacts in the only way he knows how.

Mark's verdict: Enjoyed it and could watch it again if I stumbled on it while channel hopping. 7/10

Elize's verdict: Lovely little film, Nicolas Cage played a great part and still kept the over the top gestures throughout. 7/10

Overall: 7/10

Zandalee (1990)
No copy or download of this film has been found yet.

Overall: -/10

Wild at Heart (1990)
Laura Dern gets her kit off a lot in this film. If that's your bag, then you're in for a treat, but it's all a bit skin and bones for my liking.

This David Lynch film is okay. Nothing special, but trips along nicely and is very much "of its time". Nicolas and Laura play Sailor and Lula, a smitten couple who always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's a bit of a road-trip 'Thelma & Louise' type film, which plays very much to the erratic and lunacy of Nicolas's acting style. With a bit of Elvis thrown in. There's an interesting cameo by Willem Dafoe as the slightly creepy Bobby Peru.

Mark's verdict: Watchable, but not one I'd envisage ever seeing the need to watch again. 4/10

Elize's verdict: Nicolas Cage was good in this and introduced us to his love for Elvis. The film though was a little too 80s for me, with a lot of scenes that could have just been cut to reduce the film to about half an hour. 3/10

Overall: 3.5/10

Fire Birds / Wings of the Apache (1990)
To be honest Nicolas Cage is far too edgy and spaced-out to play the clean-cut 'Tom Cruise' role with any conviction. Actress Sean Young creates screen history by playing the first female American pilot to go into combat, but she ends up in time-honoured fashion as a damsel in distress, getting happily carried away on the hero's chopper. There's nothing original about the film, particularly during the late 80s/early 90s but it's watchable and Nicolas demands your attention throughout. Tommy Lee Jones is, well, Tommy Lee Jones. 'Nuff said.

Mark's verdict: Trips along nicely. Probably not a patch on Top Gun but Nic's performance is adequate and kept me watching 'til the end. Just. 5/10

Elize's verdict: Good little film, plot was a little predictable but Nicolas played his part as the ego driven pilot well. 6/10

Overall: 5.5/10

Time to Kill / Tempo di Uccidere (1990)
No copy or download of this film has been found yet.

Overall: -/10

Vampire's Kiss (1989)
This film is awful. No, seriously - it's really bad.

Nicolas plays a literary agent called Peter Loew who's going insane. Works all day, clubs it by night and, following a one-night-stand with 'Rachel' (Jennifer Beals), believes he's turning in to a vampire. And that's about it really.

If the plotline is bad enough, the acting and filming do little to make things any better. Well, maybe Nicolas pulls off the 'going mad' acting a bit, but some might argue that perhaps he's not acting at all?

Mark's verdict: Mental. That is all. 1/10

Elize's verdict: What?? 1/10

Overall: 0.5/10

Moonstruck (1987)

The one thing we came away with from this film was how much hair affected everything. Loretta Castorini (Cher) starts the film with grey flecks in her hair. Later on she has the grey dyed out and her hair gets big. Very 80s big. The guy she falls in love with, despite being engaged to his brother, Ronny Cammareri (Nicolas Cage) has uncontrollable hair. Not in the same way as Loretta though. This is hair where every strand is doing its best to not be in direct contact with the one next to it. Tragic hair day for sure.

Anyway, hair aside, this is a fairly typical festive love story from the 80s, where everything turns out good in the end. We're treated to a sound, solid performance from Nicolas as the 'chip-on-the-shoulder' brother that ultimately steals the heart of Loretta. Cher's acting is typically wooden (or should that be plastic?) and offers nothing that couldn't have been bettered by any number of other female actors of the time and regularly mistimes her lines. Which is a shame because, despite this, it's not a bad film.

Mark's verdict: Not a Cher fan and this film did little to change my mind. Nicolas does well, but I'm glad this one's out of the way. 5/10

Elize's verdict: On the plus side we watched this at the right time of year. However, it was very predictable. Nic's performance was fine for the limited character he was playing. 6/10

Overall: 5.5/10

Raising Arizona (1987)
Once again, a film neither of us had seen but, this time, we both probably had a good and accurate idea what it was about.

Herbert McDunnogh (Nicolas Cage) and Edwina (Holly Hunter) embark on a baby snatching fiasco after finding out Herbert is infertile. Cue slapstick, tears and an early career performance by John Goodman in a film that delights in its comedic sitautions and acting and relishes from the scripting by the Coen brothers. A joy to watch and one that can be returned to again and again.

Mark's verdict: A great film and probably Nic's first real 'blockbuster' despite initially poor reviews - it's become a well known, and well loved cult classic. 8/10

Elize's verdict: The first well know film of Nicolas's and it did not disappoint. I have always heard great reviews about this film and loved it myself the sillyness of it was great, well worth the watch. 8/10

Overall: 8/10

Peggy Sue Got Married (1986)

This is one of those films that we'd both heard of but never watched. Given that the film title is so well known I think we both believed we knew what it was about, without actually knowing what it was about. In fact, it transpires, neither of us knew, in any way, what it was about - thereby proving that we really didn't know what it was about. Even though we had thought we did (know what it was about).

So, for those of you that don't know what it's about (or think they do know what it's about but will ulitmately find out they don't) then it's about time travel.

Possibly. Or just dreaming.

Either way, Peggy Sue Bodell (elegantly played by Kathleen Turner), following a disastrous 25 year school reunion during which she faints on stage, gets transported back in time (either in reality or just in her mind) to 1960 and is given the chance to 'not marry' Charlie (Nicolas Cage) who, in 1985, has cheated on her and recently become separated from.

The plot doesn't follow the traditional paths of a time-travelling-love-story-come-good, but it does involve some very funny scenes from Nicolas and, once again, show his ability to 'live' the character he's playing.

Mark's verdict: Definitely not what I was expecting, but a totally watchable film. 7/10

Elize's verdict: Not sure what I was expecting from this film, but it wasn't what I got. An OK performance from Nicolas, just not sure why he had to have the silly voice through the whole thing. General all round good film, but not really for me. 5/10

Overall: 6/10

The Boy in Blue (1986)
Nicolas has his top off in this film. A lot. If that's your bag then this is the Cage film for you. Youthful, athletic and bare chested, Nic puts in a good, but not perfect, performance as the real-life Ned Hanlan who became Canada's foremost 'sculling' champ.

As a wild, uncontrollable youth, Hanlan is adopted and mentored by gambler Bill (David Naughton) who promotes Ned for his own selfish gain. By a turn of events, businessman Knox (Christopher Plummer) takes control of Ned's career but the relationship is short-lived. Taking the lead from his earliest sponsor, the inventor of the sliding seat, Walter (Sean Sullivan) Ned finally comes good and marries hs sweetheat Margaret (Cynthia Dale).

The film's a by-the-numbers sporty boy-comes-good which is watchable but doesn't tax the viewers brain cells or the actors talents.

Mark's verdict: An interesting watch but ulitmately forgettable Nicolas Cage film. 5/10

Elize's verdict: A solid performance by Nicolas and the story was told well enough - but not really my type of film. 6/10

Overall: 5.5/10

Birdy (1984)
Birdy, directed by Alan Parker, is a story of friendship between Al (Nicolas Cage) and Birdy (Matthew Modine), two Philadelphia high schoolers who end up being sent to Vietnam. It's the early 60s and Al is a bit of a street hood. He's tough (and will not back down from a fight) - but regularly plays ball with the neighborhood kids and really has a soft heart underneath the harsh exterior.

As a result of a misunderstanding regarding a stolen knife, Al warms to a local lad, Birdy, and sees there is more to this clumsy kid than meets the eye. Al is experiencing his own troubles with his father, but deals with the situation in a different way than Birdy. Birds begin to fascinate them and the two develop a close friendship which strengthens in troubled times.

In Vietnam, Birdy finally faces a situation which he can't physically fly away from, which is a hundred times more horrible than his home life. And Al, although also in Vietnam, is not with him for support. Here is where Birdy's final breakdown occurs and it's up to Al, who now is dealing with his own physical scars, to bring Birdy back.

Alan Parker directed this film in a flashback style which works perfectly. Al and Birdy's friendship is fully developed and realistic and both characters have depth and are engaging. Matthew Modine is particularly excellent as Birdy. You can feel the emotional pain of a youth who didn't ask for any of this but uses his inner strength of character to stave off mental defeat.

This is not a film about Vietnam but a film about Al and Birdy. Birdy went to Vietnam with a pre-existing problem. Vietnam made it worse. Birdy is one of those films which haunts the mind long after you've watched it.

Mark's verdict: The best Nicholas Cage performance so far for me. Loved it - which definitely came as a big surprise! If nothing else, it's worth it for the Peter Gabriel soundtrack. 8/10

Elize's verdict: Lovely little film which I would never have watched had we not been doing this. Nicolas Cage plays a good supporting role. There's a few mistakes in parts, but this did not detract from the overall feel of the film. 7/10

Overall: 7.5/10

The Cotton Club (1984)
The film centres around a musician named Dixie Dwyer (Richard Gere) who begins working with mobsters to advance his career. However, while playing at The Cottom Club, he falls in love with the girlfriend of gangland kingpin Dutch Schultz (James Remar).

Meanwhile, in a completely pointless subplot, a tap dancer from Dixie's neighborhood, Sandman Williams (Gregory Hines), is hired with his brother by The Cotton Club. The brothers fall out, make up and everything is well again in their steel toed world.

Back to the main storyline and Dixie has become a Hollywood film star which angers Schultz. He continues to date Schultz's girl, Vera Cicero (Diane Lane), whose new nightclub has been financed by the jealous gangster. To make things worse for Dixie, his ambitious younger brother Vincent (Nicolas Cage) becomes a gangster in Schultz's mob and eventually a public enemy, holding head bodyguard and right-hand man, Frenchy (Herman Munster - Fred Gwyne) as a hostage. Eventually, in a fairly predictible conclusion, Dutch Schultz is violently dealt with while Dixie and Sandman perform on the Cotton Club's stage.

With gangsters, tap dancers, and jazz musicians colliding in Francis Coppola's maligned 'story' of the famous Harlem jazz club - we were expecting more. Richard Gere plays his part well and most of the other actors turn in a good performance, but the ensemble as a whole left us with an empty and unfulfilling tale.

Mark's verdict: Not a great film but Nicolas, once again, puts in a solid performance in his supporting role. 4/10

Elize's verdict: Not really my kind of a film and I felt like it was just a grown up version of Bugsy Malone. Nicolas Cage played his part well, however it wasn't really a stretch of a role. 5/10

Overall: 4.5/10

Racing with the Moon (1984)
This film once again pairs Nicolas Cage with Sean Penn, although this time it's the ex-Mr Madonna who has moved on to full stardom with the leading role. The film's set during the early years of World War II, where Henry 'Hopper' Nash (Sean Penn) is a small-town teenager a few weeks from being shipped out to fight in the war. The film focuses mainly on this brief period of time before he has to leave.

Henry becomes smitten with the local cinema cashier Caddie (Elizabeth McGovern), and begins to date her, assuming she is from a rich family - although this actually almost puts him off seeing her intially rather than being the reason for his show of affection.

Meanwhile, Penn's pal Nicky (Nicolas Cage), who's also about to leave for the war, has got his girlfriend Sally (Suzanne Adkinson) pregnant and forces Henry to ask Caddie for the abortion money - which she does, despite not being rich at all. Eventually Henry discovers that the girl barely has a penny to her name. Believing that Penn cared for her only when he thought she was rich, she walks out on him.

Naturally, given that the film is essentailly a love story, all comes good in the end and the film even manages to get away with the phrase 'I love you' near the end, without it sticking too hard in your throat.

Mark's verdict: Great performances from all three main actors and Nicolas plays a very close second fiddle to Sean's convincing portayal of a 'good-at-heart' bad boy looking for love. Recommended if you've never seen it. 7/10

Elize's verdict: A film I would probably never have seen had we not been doing this. A great mix of characters and nothing negative can be said about any of them. Nicolas Cage was a good supporting actor, however some of his dance moves left a little to be desired! Still can't fault him though. I would recommend this one to anyone who hasn't seen it yet. 8/10

Overall: 7.5/10

Rumble Fish (1983)
In the first of Nicolas Cage's nepotistic outings with Uncle Francis (Ford Coppola) we find him in a slow, black-and-white film noir about the death of gang culture in a rough town in the 80s. Once again, early in the film, we're taunted with a video arcade scene that's becoming all to familiar (and annoying) in these early 80s films!

The central character is Rusty James (Matt Dillon), a rude thug waiting for the return of his brother, the Motorcycle Boy (Mickey Rourke) who is attempting to fill his boot while he's gone. When his brother does come back, saving the day for Rusty James who has instigated a clearly outnumbered fight, it's obvious that a local cop (William Smith) is still gunning for the Motorcycle Boy and is waiting for him to make a mistake, even though the mysterious youth has changed since his departure.

Rusty James gets into even greater trouble, losing his girlfriend Patty (Diane Lane) to Smokey (played by a scene stealing Nicolas Cage) before things continue go from bad to worse, culminating in an almost too obvious ending.

Mark's verdict: Nicolas easlily steals the show when Mickey Rouke isn't on the screen but overall it's not a great film and Matt Dillon is positively diabolical in the lead role! 3/10

Elize's verdict: Not really my kind of film and, to be honest, I'm not quite sure I understand what actually happened. Having said that Nicolas Cage did play a good role but it would've been nice to have seen more of him. 4/10

Overall: 3.5/10

Valley Girl (1983)
In his first box office lead role, Nicolas Cage gets off to a flying start in this light-hearted romantic comedy. Julie (Deborah Foreman) is a teenager surrounded by her 80s dressed friends of the valley, who spend most of their time labelling every guy around them either a 'hunk' or a 'total geek'. To her friends' disgust, Julie breaks up with her sought after chiselled boyfriend, Tommy (Michael Bowen) and hooks up with the over the hill, Hollywood badboy Randy (Nicolas Cage). Julie's friends refuse to accept her new love so she caves in and dumps the poor guy. Randy then makes many exaggerated attempts to win back her love - which forms the bulk of the movie's comedic second-half.

The ending is obvious but it's all a lot of quirky 80s fun and there's rarely a dull moment. Film highlight has got to be the politically incorrect prom song: "Johnny, Are You Queer?"

Mark's verdict: Nicolas Cage puts in a solid, well focused performance that's head and shoulders above all the other actors in this film and makes for a fitting opening to his proper film career. 7/10

Elize's verdict: A good performance from Nicolas in his first lead role, particularly the part where he was trying to win the girl back. The females in the film were a little strained, everything was "for sure" and "totally", making me feel like I was watching an episode of 'TOWIE' at times! 6/10

Overall: 6.5/10

Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
From the opening scene it was obvious that this was a film we were going to love and hate in equal measure. A slow, lingering moving shot along the screens of coin-ops in a typical 80s American arcade was enough to flood our minds with the longing to return to our mispent youth. That was the hate part. The love came from the sentimental detail of a well considered 'teen sex comedy' that's been copied (but probably not bettered) by the more modern American Pie and Road Trip movies of recent years.

Amy Heckerling's adaptation of Cameron Crowe's Fast Times at Ridgemont High is possibly one of the finest films of this disreputable genre and helped kick-start the careers of many future stars like Jennifer Jason Leigh, Phoebe Cates, Eric Stoltz, and Forest Whitaker. Plus there's a show stealing performance from Sean Penn as a wannabe surfing bum - a character shamlessly stolen by Keanu Reeves (swoon - Elize) for Bill and Ted. Of course the film also includes a brief appearance by our very own Nicolas Cage (credited as Nicolas Coppola) but it's very much a case of 'blink and you'll miss him', so you'll need to keep your eyes peeled.

Mark's verdict: Nicolas Cage appears about three times for half-a-second each but Phoebe Cates gets her bangers out. Need I say more? 7/10

Elize's verdict: Totally rubbish if you're waching this for some 'Cage' action but the film itself was a great trip down nostalgia lane. Perfect 80s music and syling and definitely one I could watch over and over again. 7/10

Overall: 7/10