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The Nicolas Cage Experiment
Is he really all that bad?

Labyrinth of Lies
An online text adventure.
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Gamebook Companion v2.3
Two dice, a pencil and an eraser are all you need. NOT ANY MORE!

With the Gamebook Companion you can play all your favourite gamebooks on the go with this handy App. Store your Skill, Stamina, Luck and equipment in the easy to use and convenient layout. We've even included the dice, a handy 'Quick Attack' battle button and a 'Test Your Luck' button.

Stats and Dice screen

On this screen you can set your initial scores for SKILL, STAMINA, LUCK and MAGIC (for gamebooks that requre this statistic).

Character Attributes
To enter an initial score simply click in the relevant box and type the value. Click anywhere away from the keypad to close it. During the course of your adventure the values for your stats will alter so simply use the + and - symbols to adjust as necessary. Entering a value into the 'Initial Value' boxes (in red) will set the relevant stat automatically.

Monster Battles
When you encounter a monster, stat controls have been included to allow for a record of the monster's stats. Simply adjust the values the same way you did for your own personal attributes. As the battle progresses you can adjust the Monster's STAMINA as required by the battle rules. Or you can use the simple 'Quick Attack' button (next to the two dice) to run the battle for you (based on standard Fighting Fantasy gamebook rules).

Test Your Luck
Clicking this button will automatically Test Your Luck (using standard Fighting Fantasy gamebook rules) and deduct 1 LUCK point from your LUCK score. The result of the LUCK test will be shown as a horseshoe next to the LUCK's Initial Score.

Two dice have been provided. Clicking on the left die will roll one die, clicking on the right one will roll both.

Equipment screen

On this screen you can store a list of all the items you pick up during your adventure.

Equipment List
In the boxes provided you can record up to 30 items. Simply click on a box, type it's name and then press done.

Provisions and Gold
The value of both of these will alter during your adventure, use the + and - symbols to adjust the value as necessary.

Extra Stats screen

Some gamebooks use additional attributes beyond the typical ones. On this screen you can enter the name and value for these using the same techniques as found on the previous screens.

On this screen you can also store the page number you are on if you have to stop reading/playing. There's also a reset 'Clear All' button. This will clear all your stats and equipment ready for a new character or new book!